Be the Data and Tech Brains Behind Your Clients’ Work

Impress your clients by seamlessly connecting more data to draw deeper insights, deliver more relevant messages, and tie campaign results to business outcomes—all on a people-based level. With LiveRamp, you’ll have the peace of mind to confidently and efficiently deliver your newfound capabilities to your clients.

Surpass Client Expectations, Improve Your Bottom Line


A scalable, customer-centric omnichannel experience

Use data to inform media spend and deliver a consistent omnichannel experience across all consumer touchpoints. Through LiveRamp’s platform, you can seamlessly activate data-driven media across an ecosystem of over 500 partners to streamline workflows, create countless personalised experiences, and maximise ROI


Data accessibility creates high value audiences

Delivering better results for your clients and setting yourself apart from the competition starts with a solid data strategy. We enable your clients to distribute their data—their most valuable asset—in a safe and privacy-conscious way. Through our Data Marketplace, you can augment seed audiences with third-party data from 150+ providers to create highly customised audience segments that inform your media strategy from planning to execution.


Precise ROI for boast-worthy results

Tying measurable campaign results to concrete business metrics is infinitely more accurate with identity at the core. LiveRamp enables a single view of the customer, making precise omnichannel measurement for audience analytics, campaign ROI calculation, and cross-channel attribution possible. This gives your clients the metrics they need to renew or increase their engagement with you.

Make Privacy & Regulatory Compliance Your Priority

We believe consumers should be informed and have meaningful controls over how their data is used across every touchpoint, consistently. We are the world’s best Data Safe Haven. We are in the unique and neutral position to support and drive privacy and radical transparency across the data ecosystem and it is our mission to protect the consumer by ensuring ethical data usage.

Data Insights That Power Meaningful Experiences

LiveRamp’s powerful, easy-to-use platform connects your data silos to enable true, people-based marketing for clients. Resolve all your first-, second-, and third-party data back to real people to activate and onboard that data to execute marketing initiatives across more than 500 omnichannel destinations.

Simply put, we make it easy for your clients to have more real conversations with real consumers.

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