Reach Target Audiences and Improve ROI

LiveRamp is the powerful, trusted platform that connects your data silos – unlocking previously undiscovered insights and allowing you to deliver more personal, engaging experiences across all marketing channels.

Optimise Your Marketing Impact Across Channels and Audiences


Create seamless omnichannel campaigns

When you can tie together what you know about your customer, you can deliver more meaningful experiences to them across every channel. Optimise your advertising campaigns, improve ROI, and scale your efforts by leveraging your first-, second-, and third-party data.


Improve B2C marketing performance

Resolve fragmented customer data to a single view to recognise your customers wherever they are. With your newfound ability to recognise the consumer wherever you encounter them, you can efficiently coordinate your B2C marketing efforts across channels and platforms.


Measure marketing impact across channels

Measure the impact of every marketing touchpoint throughout the consumer journey by delivering an omnichannel view to your measurement platform to understand how to best allocate budgets and optimise strategies.

Make Data Privacy a Priority

We believe consumers should be informed and have meaningful controls over how their data is used across every touchpoint, consistently. With LiveRamp’s platform, drive privacy and transparency across the data ecosystem and protect your audiences by ensuring ethical data usage.

Meet the Suites


Meet your retention and acquisition goals.

Data & Analytics

Uncover omnichannel insights and make actionable and informed decisions on your business or marketing data.

The LiveRamp Difference

Get on board with the only privacy-conscious platform that allows you to connect and activate all of your customer assets—both known and anonymous, online and offline—to an underlying identity foundation and architecture, and activate it with over 500 partner destinations.

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