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Make the most out of your people-based measurement investment

April 10, 2019 LiveRamp Identity Resolution Measurement people-based marketing

People-based measurement allows brands and marketers to use identity resolution to better understand their target audience and build truly customer-centric organisations.

If you’ve only used identity resolution for data onboarding purposes,
then extending its capabilities to people-based measurement is a logical next
step. At its core, the process of people-based measurement consists of
measuring the impact of …

Start Your Engines: People‑Based Measurement for Your Customer Journey

April 4, 2019 LiveRamp Identity Resolution Measurement people-based marketing

The marketing landscape has rapidly transformed over recent
years with the introduction and popularisation of new channels, technologies
and data sources. Marketers must now adopt people-based marketing strategies to
operate across all of these new channels and touchpoints to ensure they’re
effectively communicating with their target consumers in the right way.
However, as marketers embrace this people-based approach, how …