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How to enrich your Facebook campaigns with third-party data

March 11, 2019 LiveRamp Data Store Identity Resolution people-based marketing Personalisation Targeting

When implementing Facebook campaigns, marketers are often limited in their targeting choices by Facebook’s native targeting. This includes age, interests, relationship status and location. However, first-party data is often not enough to build a fully realised understanding of who your consumers are.

Third-party data, being data collected outside the platform, can enrich a campaign …

Identity Resolution: the key to effective consumer-centric marketing

February 25, 2019 LiveRamp Attribution Identity Resolution people-based marketing Personalisation Segmentation Targeting

Today’s consumers are truly in the driver’s seat. Operating as part of a multi-channel, device-driven world, there are more touchpoints and channels that marketers must navigate than ever before.

In order to effectively target consumers, marketers must ensure each interaction is tailored and targeted to specific audience groups – or risk missing the opportunity …