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Identity Resolution: the key to effective consumer-centric marketing

February 25, 2019 LiveRamp Attribution Identity Resolution people-based marketing Personalisation Segmentation Targeting

Today’s consumers are truly in the driver’s seat. Operating as part of a multi-channel, device-driven world, there are more touchpoints and channels that marketers must navigate than ever before.

In order to effectively target consumers, marketers must ensure each interaction is tailored and targeted to specific audience groups – or risk missing the opportunity …

Introduction to data management platform

September 17, 2018 LiveRamp Data Onboarding Identity Resolution people-based marketing Segmentation Targeting

Digital media continues to redefine the landscape for marketers, brands and consumers alike. As these technologies continue to grow in complexity, collecting information that’s more personal and unique than ever. It has presented marketers with a wealth of opportunities to be more targeted.

User data today no longer refers to a group of key audience, …

Go full-speed ahead with people-based marketing

August 31, 2018 LiveRamp Closed-Loop Measurement Data Onboarding Identity Resolution people-based marketing Segmentation Targeting

In order to remain relevant and ensure the messages they’re communicating are reaching the right people, brands today need to adapt to the changing ways customers consume content by embracing different marketing tactics.

Take the automotive advertising industry, for example. For years, the way to reach existing and potential customers for parts and service promotion …