A New Chapter Begins – LiveRamp Becomes Independent

October 2, 2018 LiveRamp News & Updates

Today, we are proud to announce that we have grown independent and no longer an Acxiom Company. LiveRamp is now a fully independent, public SaaS company (NYSE: RAMP) ready to take our commitment to customers and partners to the next level.

What does this mean for our customers and partners in Australia?

LiveRamp will emerge as …

Introduction to Demand-Side Platform

September 21, 2018 LiveRamp Identity Resolution, people-based marketing, Segmentation, Targeting

As digital media becomes more integrated into daily life, the variety of platforms and channels to communicate with consumers is increasing and becoming more complex. With so many ways to reach customers at our fingertips, how can you possibly ensure we’re speaking to the right target audiences?

Digital ads have always been bought and sold …

Introduction to data management platform

September 17, 2018 LiveRamp Data Onboarding, Identity Resolution, people-based marketing, Segmentation, Targeting

Digital media continues to redefine the landscape for marketers, brands and consumers alike. As these technologies continue to grow in complexity, collecting information that’s more personal and unique than ever. It has presented marketers with a wealth of opportunities to be more targeted.

User data today no longer refers to a group of key audience, …

Go full-speed ahead with people-based marketing

August 31, 2018 LiveRamp Closed-Loop Measurement, Data Onboarding, Identity Resolution, people-based marketing, Segmentation, Targeting

In order to remain relevant and ensure the messages they’re communicating are reaching the right people, brands today need to adapt to the changing ways customers consume content by embracing different marketing tactics.

Take the automotive advertising industry, for example. For years, the way to reach existing and potential customers for parts and service promotion …

The power of true people-based marketing

August 24, 2018 LiveRamp Identity Resolution, people-based marketing, Targeting

Everyone’s talking about people-based marketing these days. On the surface, it does seem like quite a simple and rather obvious concept to grasp – it’s all about people, and how we can harness data to deliberately reach the right audiences.

However, this simple concept may not be so simple in practice. The unfortunate reality is …