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Data is the foundation of all enterprise analytics strategies, but it’s hard to access and join due to hygiene issues. LiveRamp’s data analytics suite allows you to combine data sets across disconnected IDs and automates the data cleansing processes. 


Clean data is the foundation of good analysis

It may be an urban myth that data analysts spend 80% of their time on data cleansing, but ensuring the integrity of the information you’re using is absolutely imperative to the accuracy of the data models you build. To combine data from different systems, offload the unglamorous but essential data hygiene work to LiveRamp.

Identity Graph

Resolve known and anonymous data to a unique customer ID

Clean, permissioned, first-party name/postal/email data also needs to translate to the open web. LiveRamp’s data analytics suite is built on the world’s largest and most accurate open identity graph with 22 million inputs per day and 250 million identified individuals across a wide range of identifiers. We have designed and built the only open and deterministic identity offering that can resolve IDs at the enterprise level, while maintaining the strictest privacy and permissioning standards.

Identity Graph

Data works best when widely accessible

Your partners are our partners. We work with the largest network of brands, agencies, technology providers, publishers, and data providers. Regardless of the use case, you can be confident that the cleanest data can reach as many partners, channels, devices, and databases that you need.

Omnichannel Ecosystem

Make Privacy & Regulatory Compliance Your Priority

We believe consumers should be informed and have meaningful controls over how their data is used across every touchpoint, consistently. Our IdentityLink identifier allows you to analyse offline and digital data together in a privacy-conscious way, ensuring you get the complete information you need to build an informed opinion, while also ensuring your customer data is secure.  

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