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Learn what the General Data Protection Regulation means for you

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new legal framework governing the use of personal data across EU markets.

GDPR Resources for You

5 GDPR Questions and Answers

Find answers to the questions that are top of mind for companies in the throes of achieving GDPR compliance.

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What GDPR Compliance Means to LiveRamp and Our Partners

At a high level, the GDPR introduces significant changes that impact brands’ engagement with consumers and have the potential to affect the way in which LiveRamp will be able to support those programs.

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The GDPR Effect on Business and Consumers

Laws governing personal data use for marketing and other purposes have not caught up with the data-driven world we live in. The GDPR sets out to address this gap.

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IAB Data Symposium: The Trust-Driven Economy

Sheila Colclasure, SVP Global Public Policy Officer for LiveRamp, presents on The Trust Driven-Economy and the role GDPR plays in it.

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GDPR Implications

Learn about the effects of GDPR, and the attitudes of the digital media world toward this law in an interview with Sheila Colclasure.

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Is LiveRamp GDPR compliant?

LiveRamp’s Data Ethics team is committed to data and security compliance globally. Therefore, we are continuously working to comply with the GDPR, including but not limited to, compliance with all new security, data transfer, and reporting procedures; contract reviews; and the maintenance of activity records.

We are confident that, under the GDPR, we will be able to maintain our existing service agreements in a compliant manner.

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