Identity Graph

The LiveRamp Identity Graph

Identity Graph

We maintain the largest people-based identity graph that connects more than 500 platforms, data owners, and publishers to brands and agencies. The LiveRamp Identity Graph matches PII-based datalike emails, postal addresses, and phone numberswith anonymous identifierslike cookies and devices IDin a privacy-safe way. Our customers can build an omnichannel view or access the identity graph directly to build their own solutions.

Key benefits

  • Identity Resolution

    Unrivalled matching

    Powered by our extensive match network, LiveRamp’s deterministic identity graph is the largest for activating people-based digital marketing. Using data from top brands and publishers, we have developed the largest deterministic match network in Australia.

  • Id Matching

    Identity: Verified

    All online identities are gathered by collecting logged and authenticated traffic from our brand and publishing partners, ensuring the high level of accuracy we maintain in connecting online identifiers back to offline identifiers and IdentityLinks.

  • Distribute

    Unparalleled digital reach

    With over 550 partner integrations and counting, LiveRamp’s digital reach is unparalleled, spanning every marketing channel. Our identity graph powers connectivity and activation across the entire ecosystem.

How to use the identity graph

  • Link impressions across channels

    Tie online and offline data across multiple channels back to each consumer and to target them elsewhere across any channel.

  • Build marketing solutions

    Use an omnichannel view of the customer, or license our graph directly, to build more people-based marketing solutions directly into your platform.

Learn how you can use our Identity Graph