IdentityLink Data Store

IdentityLink Data Store

IdentityLink Data Store

The IdentityLink™ data store makes it easy to buy and sell a wide variety of valuable data—all with a single contract. With our extensive network of platform integrations, data owners can easily make their data accessible, and buyers are able to find the exact data they need to reach their target audience and improve their understanding of consumers.

Key benefits

  • Data Governance

    Data governance

    LiveRamp takes great care to ensure that all data is privacy-conscious and sourced ethically. Additionally, data is secure when distributed through LiveRamp Safe Haven®.

  • Controlled

    Control your data

    Never undercut your own business by selling to competitors. With an intuitive self-serve data management interface, it’s easy to maintain control over where your data is available and which marketers can purchase it.

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    Do it all with one contract

    The data store makes it easy to connect data owners and buyers to 150+ data providers and 100+ marketing destinations with just one contract.

Great for data buyers, great for data sellers

  • For data sellers

    For data sellers

    Upload data with ease. Control who can buy your data and how they can use it. Monetise your data across 100+ destinations with a single contract.

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  • For data buyers

    For data buyers

    Access 180+ data providers globally with a single contract. Search high quality data and explore custom options to find exactly what you need. Buy data that meets some of the most stringent sourcing policies of the industry.

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