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We understand if you wish to opt out of LiveRamp

  1. Our Opt-out Tools

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    You may also want to change the cookie management settings on your web browser.

    • To manage advertising cookies used by your web browser, visit the opt-out page from the DAA’s AboutAds site. Cookies placed by LiveRamp are those under the company names LiveRamp and Arbor in the AboutAds company list.
    • To opt out of records other than cookies and mobile device IDs, please utilize the email opt-out described below.
  2. Attention: California Residents

    For more information about your rights, please see our California Privacy Notice.

  3. Attention: Nevada Residents

    Nevada residents have the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information from LiveRamp to third parties. To exercise this right, please submit a Do Not Sell My Personal Information request.

  4. Attention: EU Data Subjects / Personnes concernées par l’UE

    In some cases LiveRamp, Inc. may be the data controller for personal data of EU data subjects, and, in such cases, the processing activities and data subject rights are set out in our EU privacy notices and through which you may exercise your rights under the GDPR here: United Kingdom website Privacy Support at your-rights.liveramp.com.au or our French website privacy policy at liveramp.fr/politique-confidentialite-respect-vie-privee. As such, if you wish to make any kind of GDPR-related data subject request, please visit the relevant EU website.

  5. Attention: Australian Data Subjects

    To exercise your right to opt out of LiveRamp’s processing or to access the information LiveRamp has about you, please submit a request using this form.

Commonly asked questions

  1. If I only “opt out of LiveRamp cookies,” what will happen?

    When you opt out of LiveRamp cookies, we place an opt-out cookie on your web browser, on our advertising domain that indicates you have chosen to opt out. This cookie tells web sites using our solutions to not personalize the online ads you see. If you buy a new computer, upgrade or change your web browser, or delete this opt-out cookie by clearing your browser files, you will need to perform this process again.

  2. What does the LiveRamp “Permanent opt-out” Do?

    Our “Permanent opt out” opts you out of the LiveRamp system based on your email address(es) and prevents us from distributing any information (device identifiers or other IDs) we have associated with your email address(es) going forward. While this opt out does not prevent LiveRamp from receiving information about you from our partners or clients in the future, the opt out does ensure that information we can match to your email address will be unusable for targeted advertising; and while the opt out also does not prevent LiveRamp from placing cookies on your browser in the future, the cookies will not contain a usable identifier for targeted advertising by LiveRamp. Because this opt out relies on an email address, you should submit any active email addresses so that we can ensure comprehensive suppression of your devices in our system. Please note that LiveRamp does not retain your email addresses in human-readable form and that this opt out could take up to 48 hours to take effect.

  3. What about Joint Household and IP Address Requests?

    Joint Household and IP Address Requests: LiveRamp does not maintain aggregate household data that we can link back to a single household. If you would like to make a request for everyone in your household or every device on a particular IP address, please submit a Permanent Opt Out request for every email address used by each household member.

  4. Why do you need my email address?

    We store a hashed version of your email address as a representation of your opt out request so that we can map your request to all the advertising identifiers we have associated with that representation in our system. This ensures we can suppress your information from use for targeted advertising once you submit your opt out request. For our suppression map to be comprehensive and effective, we do need to retain a hashed version of all of your active email addresses. Please note that the email addresses you provide are only used for suppression and are not stored in human-readable form. However, if you do not feel comfortable providing your email addresses to us, you can still opt out of LiveRamp cookies using our cookie opt out mechanism, without accessing our permanent opt-out feature.

  5. How do I opt out of other third-party ad networks?

    To opt out of third-party ad networks (including ones that we work with and may have transferred data to in the past), we also recommend visiting the opt-out pages for the DAA’s AboutAds program.

  6. Why are there different opt-outs for LiveRamp, Data Plus Math, and Arbor?

    Over the years, as LiveRamp grew as a company, we have acquired others – such as Data Plus Math and Arbor – and their proprietary technologies. These technologies support our ability to deliver services to our clients, but still operate via separate methodologies and, as such, require separate opt-out mechanisms.

  7. If I opt out of targeting ads, through the above sites, will I still see online ads?

    Yes, you will still see ads online if you opt out of targeted advertising, because most online content is supported by advertising, rather than by direct payments from viewers. However, if you opt out, such as through the DAA opt-out page, the ads you see will generally not be tied to any multi-site behavioral data, and are more likely to be “contextual” based simply on the website you are viewing.

  8. Contact

    To reach our local EU teams please contact the UK Privacy team via our Your Rights page as found here (your-rights.liveramp.com.au), or our French Privacy team ([email protected]). EU residents not residing in the UK or France may contact either team, do note that our French team will reply to you in French, so if English is your desired language, please visit our Your Rights page. For any other inquiries, please contact the US Privacy team.