Uncover Insights, Prove Impact, Take Action

  • Identity-enabled cross-channel measurement

  • Connect data at scale

  • Accurately quantify business outcomes

  • Sustainable, neutral solutions

Without accurate measurement, marketers can’t effectively prove the value of their investments.

Gaps in customer intelligence,
siloed and disconnected data, and a
constantly changing landscape
lead to missed opportunities.

Remove common barriers to measurement so you get more valuable insights and can make better decisions.

LiveRamp connects siloed data, helping you build your customer intelligence, understand your impact on the path to purchase, and more accurately measure ROI.

Develop a Source of Truth

Our identity translation technology precisely connects data from disparate sources to create a source of truth that serves as the foundation of measurement, bringing greater accuracy, measurement, and analytics while preserving consumer privacy.

Deepen Customer Intelligence

Truly understanding your customer and the impact of your marketing initiatives on their journey allows you to better provide the right experiences to drive their path to purchase. LiveRamp’s measurement suite delivers an expanded view of your customer engagement throughout the marketing funnel.

Prove Cross-Channel Impact

Break data silos and connect various marketing touch points across online and offline channels, including digital and TV. A more holistic view of an individual enables you to prove ROI, increase efficiency, and drive the outcomes that matter to you.

Gain Transparency and Control

Transparency empowers you to make informed decisions for your business with a high level of confidence and control. Choose the data you use for measurement and have full transparency into its sources, uses, and costs.

Reinvent TV Measurement

With unparalleled scale, cross-screen data, and measurement accuracy, media owners and advertisers can define metrics that prove value for the business. Quantify the value of TV exposures in achieving your business goals to engage in mutually beneficial negotiations.

How Can LiveRamp Solve My Measurement Needs

Measurement Enablement

Power your own analytics environment to measure impact across your marketing investments by translating disparate online and offline data across channels and devices to an identifier that works for your business.

Partner-Enabled Attribution

Evaluate the performance of your media partners and better optimise your campaigns by leveraging our ability to connect outcome data to campaign exposures at the individual level.

B2B Measurement

Prove marketing’s impact on ROI and drive qualified leads to sales from impression to revenue across channels at the account and professional level.

TV Measurement

Combat TV and video viewership fragmentation across channels to understand the holistic impact of how your cross-screen video ads are driving business outcomes.
“It’s been an exciting journey working directly with LiveRamp and really understanding behind the scenes how it truly works. Not just on the data onboarding side, but then measurement and stitching data across platforms."
Lindsay Chastain, Head of Performance Marketing, Ancestry

Who Can Benefit From LiveRamp's Measurement Solutions?

There are a wide range of measurement needs and LiveRamp offers flexible solutions, from enabling measurement partners and providing configurable reports and dashboards to empowering your in-house team with the data to execute advanced analytics.

B2C Marketers

Prove the impact of digital and TV marketing campaigns and deepen the customer relationship with enhanced insights.

B2B Marketers

Gain holistic cross-channel insights to prove ROAS and better equip your sales team with qualified leads.

Tech Platforms/Publishers

Understand your role in the customer journey and prove your impact on the path to purchase.

Measurement Platforms

Provide identity-enabled measurement to brands for richer insights, greater granularity, and the ability to connect more data to people.

Data Scientists/Analysts

Connect more data across more screens and more sources for accuracy, granularity, and insight at the individual level.


Maximise insight and impact for your clients by helping them extract more value from their customers.

Data Owners

Provide valuable data for marketers’ measurement needs and help prove the impact of marketing investments.

Measurement Product Pillars

To get the most out of measurement, we’ve built accurate, robust, scalable solutions with your reporting and analytics needs in mind.
  • Data Availability

    LiveRamp removes the pain of data preparation. For meaningful measurement, you need clean, usable data that is translated, deconflicted, and normalised before you can draw accurate and actionable insights.

  • Methodological Rigor

    Powered by machine learning and advanced data science, LiveRamp’s state of the art measurement algorithms and instant dashboards bring you granular insights for attribution.

  • Professional Services

    Our experienced data scientists, solution engineers, and consultants build custom solutions that meet specific measurement needs for surfacing the effectiveness of your unique marketing strategies.

  • Data Portability

    You need to combine the right data sources in the environment that works for you. You own your data and hence should be in control of how and where you use it. Options such as data feeds, data exports, platform, and data lake integrations can power in-house custom analytics with your own data science models, or move it to the applications of your choice.

  • Scaled TV Data

    Upgrade from restrictive panels and broad demographic-based measurement to get access to the largest viewership dataset and conversion events that enable you to effectively measure the impact of your cross-screen video strategies in driving business outcomes.

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