Build People-Based Customer Profiles

Creating a people-based customer profile enables you to build and scale audiences by targeting those that resemble your best current customers. Acquire new customers while also gaining better insights on your current ones with greater data transparency across media.

Do More with Data


Break down data silos to extract more value

Data is undeniably valuable, but as data becomes more fragmented, its value diminishes. Our clients use Customer Profiles to unify first-, second-, and third-party data in a centralised, secure environment to enable stronger data strategies that drive tangible business results.


People-based audience building

Built on a foundation of identity, Customer Profiles resolves data at the person level to a unique IdentityLink, a consistent and pseudonymous identifier. From here you can match across identity types with leading precision and with little data loss, thereby creating more accurate and complete customer profiles.


Make data accessible with governance and control

Customer Profiles strives to increase data access to maximise the full value of that data across the digital ecosystem. This requires strict controls for data owners, whether you’re a brand, data provider, or platform, to ensure that data is accessible and used ethically and securely. 


Uncover new insights that matter

You can confidently perform an overlap analysis of your data against another dataset. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and accurately tailor messaging to optimise campaigns.


Scale audiences across LiveRamp’s 500+ partners

Acquire net-new customers by leveraging data to create and scale audiences that resemble your best customers. It’s similar to the lookalike modelling you’re already doing, but with greater precision and effectiveness.

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