Enhance Your Data Strategy to Target, Prove Impact, and Build Customer Intelligence

  • Simplified global access

  • Safe, ethically sourced data

  • Ecosystem-wide use

  • Unique trusted data

A comprehensive data strategy is often constrained by data gaps that arise from

Incomplete or unavailable customer data
Operational hurdles to access third-party data
Uncertainty around data privacy compliance

Companies need easy access to safe, externally sourced data to develop a more effective data strategy.

Data Marketplace: Simplified access to safe, global third-party data

Simplified Data Access

Through a relationship with LiveRamp, gain access to global data from the world’s top providers and utilise it across technology and media platforms, agencies, analytics environments, and TV partners.

Explore Data, Employ Innovative Strategies

Discover and test the possibilities of overlaps, segmentation, and data appends, then plan and analyse your data strategy to improve targeting, measurement, and customer intelligence.

Flexible By Design

From flat-fee licensing to CPM to percent of media, there are pricing options that fit your use case needs. Choose the data and pricing model that’s right for you and the data will be translated to the identity space you require.

Confident Buying in an Evolving World

LiveRamp’s global data ethics standards stay in step with evolving privacy regulations so you don’t have to. Our review of data partners ensures that the data in Data Marketplace is ethical and complies with relevant industry standards and privacy regulations, such as verifying consumers are provided notice, choice, and opt-out options.

What Can I Do with the Data Marketplace?


Drive engagement from your best customers and find new valuable prospects. Whether you struggle to achieve scale, want to increase efficiency, or conquer your competitors’ customers, activating Data Marketplace audiences will help you reach high-value consumers across programmatic, social, and advanced TV.

Data Science

Third-party data can serve as the foundation of your customer and competitive intelligence. Develop comprehensive insights on current and prospective customers by joining existing customer data with third-party attributes. Enhance predictive models by combining first-party data with licensed data sets in Safe Haven, or your own privacy-centric environment.


Uncover insights, prove impact, refine your strategy, and take action. Third-party data helps you understand the full impact of your marketing spend via a data feed or a packaged report so you can make more informed investment decisions.

Segment Building

Overlap first- and third-party data to produce richer and more relevant segments for highly-effective campaigns. Optimise your reach to target audiences in a combination of segments or exclude consumers who have already bought in your product category.
We’re able to utilise LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace in order to gain second-party segments or third-party data in order to expand our reach, and that’s actually been pretty integral.
Tesaen Chavis, Uber, DMP Manager

Who Benefits from Data Marketplace?

Organisations with incomplete or unavailable customer data. See how Data Marketplace can help solve unique needs across an organisation.


B2C and B2B marketers

Enhance targeting capabilities and measure impact by enriching customer data with third-party data.


Data analyst

Develop comprehensive insights on current and prospective customers. Third-party data can serve as the foundation for customer and competitor intelligence.


Chief Data Officer

Uplevel your data strategy with safe and unique data from external sources.


Product Managers

Product ManagerslDifferentiate your technology and gain additional revenue by providing your clients with more capabilities through third-party data.

Data Marketplace Product Pillars

We built Data Marketplace with ease-of-use, security, and neutrality in mind so you can discover and evaluate data partners for all your marketing and analytic needs.
  • Discoverable

    Search and find the right data using unbiased tools that provide all data partners the same opportunity to convey differentiated information in a standardised format so you can easily evaluate partners. Find pricing, sourcing information, segment descriptions, supported use cases, and more.

  • Safe

    Data Marketplace is purpose-built with guardrails to ensure that data is ethically-sourced and used as it was intended.

  • Compliant

    Data partners are reviewed for consumer-privacy compliance so buyers’ interests are protected as privacy regulations evolve.

  • Streamlined

    Data Marketplace speeds up access to data through automated API workflows. A simplified procurement and contractual process removes operational hurdles that normally slow you down.

  • Distribution

    With integrations among top media and technology platforms across the marketing ecosystem, our identity translation technology enables activation of your desired audience to the destination of your choice.

Ready to learn about how you can drive better outcomes with data collaboration?