Build Your Own Identity Infrastructure

  • Deeper customer intelligence

  • Seamless customer experiences

  • Configurable identity strategy

  • Secure data connectivity

Making data usable is difficult and presents challenges—

Every company uses their own identifier
Customer data sources are fragmented and siloed
Identity is inconsistently represented across data sources

Businesses need a safe and secure set of solutions to effectively manage their data and better serve their customers.

Identity Infrastructure:
Application services for resolution, configuration, enhancement and ecosystem interoperability.

Build Innovative Identity Capabilities

Enhance your identity capabilities with solutions that complement existing technology investments. Work within any environment to build a comprehensive identity solution.

Choose Resolution, Enrichment, or Translation

Confidently configure our solutions to meet your objectives—from resolving disparate identities and enriching data sets to translating data between systems.
These solutions work individually or in tandem to enhance and deliver the best personalised customer experience.

Protect Your Customers’ Privacy

We maintain high standards of consumer privacy and security with technology that translates customer signals of personal data into tokens or pseudonymous identifiers that can be used safely across the marketing ecosystem.

Permissioned Data Collaboration

Translate customer data into identifiers that enable partners to join insights of individuals and households. Safely enable peer-to-peer access with appropriate permissioning controls.

Configure your identity to create better customer experiences

Customer Data Resolution

Build the best view of the customer by recognising, consolidating, and cleaning your first-party data. De-duplicate and consolidate identity fragments into the best representation of an individual, place, or household.

Customer Data Enrichment

Reach your customers at the most relevant touch point. We provide access to hygiene capabilities and additional signals of audience data from trusted providers to enrich your data sets.

Real-Time Data Translation

Build connections with your partners to translate data in a fast, reliable manner.
Our translation technology minimises the exchange of sensitive information between parties and is built using enterprise-grade encryption to ensure that connectivity and data is secure.

Who Benefits from Identity Infrastructure?

Companies are challenged with fragmented and inconsistent views of customer data. Identity application services can help improve and support your data strategy.


Data Science

Manage customer identity by consolidating records and enriching the view of the customer for audience modelling and business intelligence.




Customer Experience

Improve your data strategy by connecting offline and online views of the customer. Continuously evolve how your data is used to create personalised experiences and drive revenue growth.




System Integrators

Build the capabilities to support the safe and secure transfer of customer data across data management systems.



Leading Identity Resolution Solutions

Transform data into meaningful customer experiences at any touch point. Learn more about how we’re developing the best applications for your use.
  • Patented Resolution Technology

    AbiliTec, our patented recognition-linking technology, helps you resolve personal data across enterprise data sources, unifying disparate points of data in your system that belong to the same individual to deliver a better customer experience.

    Our patented algorithms incorporate signals that allow you to understand relationships between people, places, and household formations.

  • Best-in-Class in Identity

    We’re focused on identity resolution and have dedicated over 50 years towards achieving the highest standards of scale and accuracy.

    We’re committed to investing in our graph to reflect the incremental changes we see in individuals from a broad range of data sources.

  • Identity Configurability

    We help you tailor data sets to construct the best connected view of your customer. We include confidence scores to back resolution decisions and a default configuration that applies logic to underlying metadata for the best person-based views.

  • Flexible Data Access

    Our suite of API and batch services provide flexibility to build your capabilities in any environment to enable secure exchanges of data between parties without personal data.

  • Security Protocols

    Data protection is baked into our technologies by utilising data minimisation and encryption methods and providing partner tokens in place of customer data for matching and analysis.

    Our security measures are based on industry standards, including ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53, and our systems leverage best-practice technical controls, including strong cryptographic protocols.

  • Privacy-Conscious Standards

    Our products are built with privacy-by-design principles and processes. We also stay on top of regulatory compliance, including GDPR and CCPA.

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