Omnichannel Ecosystem

Billions of Touchpoints.
One Omnichannel Ecosystem.

Be part of every step in your customer’s buying decision. Create a holistic view of consumers and reach them on a people-based level on all channels and devices.



Create targeted, people-based campaigns by resolving  first-, second-, third-party data to a single unique identifier that can be onboarded to 500+ destinations through the LiveRamp platform for omnichannel targeting, measurement, and analytics across the digital ecosystem.


Data Distribution

Data seamlessly passes through the LiveRamp platform to onboard and resolve your data for the best match rates and most targeted reach. Third-party data from partners in LiveRamp’s data marketplace can also be added to enhance your existing data for amplified targeting, personalisation, and measurement.



The open internet works better when every part of the chain can communicate in the same standardised way. LiveRamp has licensed IdentityLink to SSPs and DSPs, which increases match rates with minimal cookie loss, so that marketers can reach more users, on-target, more of the time.

Reach Customers Anywhere For Business Results Everywhere


Seamless customer experiences

Engage with customers individually through their buyer journey. Create meaningful customer experiences across all touchpoints—both offline and online— while ensuring targeted, consistent messaging throughout.


Complete view of individual customers

LiveRamp enables an omnichannel view of your customers across digital and offline touchpoints. Break down data silos by creating single identifiers to understand the role that every touchpoint plays in the customer relationship to get a better return on your investment.


Utilising a single identifier

LiveRamp ties online and offline data into a single, persistent identifier to provide a clear, omnichannel view of the customer. Data providers, marketers, and platforms can trust that resolving data to an IdentityLink will improve marketer performance and data monetisation with higher match rates.

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