Why identity resolution is the strong foundation for people-based marketing

August 15, 2018 LiveRamp Data Onboarding, Identity Resolution, people-based marketing, Targeting

Imagine having a great conversation with a customer and then realising you were talking to the wrong person – or you were talking to the right person either too soon or too late, missing the signals of need and desire. Or maybe you got the timing just right but pitched the wrong product or …

How to use first- and third-party data on Facebook

August 9, 2018 LiveRamp News & Updates

You would have probably noticed that Facebook has been making some changes. It has updated its policies around how you’re able to use your first- and third-party data in its environment.

These changes might have you feeling nervous and wonder, how will this impact my work? How can I make sure my data qualifies? Facebook is a …

Match rate and why it matters

August 7, 2018 LiveRamp Data Onboarding

Match rates come up in every evaluation of data onboarding service. Though there is no industry standard in calculating match rates, this number is critical to understand because it determines how much data can be activated and put into use in online marketing platforms.

Here are the two key points you should focus on when …

What You Need To Know About People-Based Search

Telltale signs to show that you have a trusted onboarding partner

July 23, 2018 LiveRamp Data Onboarding, people-based marketing, Targeting

Data onboarding is one of the most significant developments in marketing. Today, It is worth an estimated $250million and forecast to reach $1billion by 2020. The result of data onboarding is more relevant marketing for both the consumer and the brand in an omnichannel world. Digital marketers need to have a good sense of …

programmatic advertising challenges

Data onboarding: The missing piece in the marketing puzzle

July 11, 2018 LiveRamp Data Onboarding, people-based marketing, Targeting

New marketing channels and technologies pop up all the time, with growing volumes of information and data coming at us from all directions. Being a modern marketer today means having to handle, analyse and act on information from dozens of disparate sources, systems and channel. However, up until now one crucial piece has been …