Data Ethics Isn’t Something We Do. It’s Part of Who We Are.

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. To build trust with those we serve, LiveRamp is committed to ensuring personal data use is ethical and appropriate not only within the confines of the law, but with foresight that goes beyond compliance with legal or regulatory guidelines.

Data Ethics at LiveRamp


What We Believe

A culture of accountability is essential to succeed in a data-driven world, made more complicated by increasingly advanced uses of data, and is the only path to driving business value long-term.


How We Operate

Our world-class data ethics program ensures we operate in compliance with jurisdictional laws, co-regulation developed by industry self-regulatory groups, and our own rigorous standards for ethical practices.


Our Commitment

Through the application of data ethics, we are committed to diligently working to detect and prevent uses which are neither just or fair, and ensure that permitted uses of data create value for all stakeholders.

Evaluating Data Ethics Case by Case

Our data governance program assesses the impact of data use and interrogates and controls risk at each phase of innovation, production, delivery, and service. We also consider the potential complications of increasingly advanced uses of data to ensure future preparedness.

Privacy Tools for You

Opt Out

We provide easy opt-out choices, such as the DAA’s and our own opt-out channel.

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Platform Service Privacy Policy

Data is a powerful tool. We take a number of different measures to ensure data is harnessed ethically.
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GDPR Center

Everyone has questions about the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We’ve got the answers and can show you how they relate to you and LiveRamp. 

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GDPR Subprocessors

Partners for some business processes allow us to stay focused on our core competencies. See which entities LiveRamp may use as subprocessors under GDPR here.

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Consent Management

LiveRamp Privacy Manager offers a solution for preference and consent management to enable compliance and sustainable business strategies as data privacy regulation becomes the new normal.

Cookies 101

Read our 101 on how cookies are used and how we use them to help you improve identity in ethical, privacy-centric ways.

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We're happy to help

Want to learn more about data ethics and privacy at LiveRamp? Reach out and let us know.