Privacy Policy

Data is a powerful tool. We conduct our business according to the following principles to ensure marketers harness data in a way that is ethical and privacy-safe:

1. Notice, access, and choice

We contractually require that consumers are informed about how information is used through a clear privacy policy, and we provide easy opt-out choices, such as the DAA’s and our own opt-out channel.

2. Compliance

We are an active member of local trade associations in the countries where we conduct business and comply with all self-regulatory guidelines and local laws.

3. Ethical relationships

We conduct our relationships with clients and partners in an ethical and professional manner.

4. Awareness

We are committed to educating our clients, our associates and the industry about the issues, guidelines and laws surrounding consumer privacy issues.

5. Accuracy

We maintain strict quality control procedures to ensure our services are as accurate as possible.

6. Security

We maintain strict security policies and procedures. See our Data Security Handout for details.

7. Consumer value

We offer services that create value for consumers, including lower prices, greater access, and better interactions with brands.

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