Create more engaging customer experiences at scale and optimise the impact of your campaigns across a wide range of online and offline channels, AdTech destinations, and MarTech technologies.

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Enable omnichannel marketing

Create targeted, people-based campaigns by leveraging LiveRamp’s unique identifier and a thriving ecosystem of over 600 destinations.

  • Safely onboard first-party data to SSPs, DSPs and beyond with entity-encoded RampID
  • Reach custom audiences across the open internet as well as within walled gardens
  • Make every ad impression addressable and accountable with LiveRamp’s TV platform
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Activate data-driven CTV

Unlock custom, cross-screen audiences as part of every addressable buy, whether purchased in the Upfront or programmatically.

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Quantify business outcomes

Prove the value of your media by measuring offline and online business outcomes, including product sales, application installs and web visits.

  • Analyse corresponding offline transaction data to improve digital campaign attribution.
  • Connect cross-screen data to accurately measure ROI through reach and frequency, closed-loop measurement and more.
  • Test out new TV currencies powered by dynamic metrics.
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What’s Hot in TV Measurement

In this fireside chat, Senior Advisor for pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly discussed the latest advancements in TV advertising measurement in the ever-changing landscape.

  • Overcome viewer fragmentation
  • Improve measurement cross-screen
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Solutions built for your needs


LiveRamp helps you build the foundation for an infinite number of superior customer experiences with cleaner datasets and campaign activation and measurement.

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Data Analytics

Gauge impact and connect data across more sources for accuracy, granularity, and insight at the individual level.

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Provide identity-enabled measurement to brands for richer insights, greater granularity, and the ability to connect more data to people.

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