Data Connectivity

Enabling companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes.


Our platform

Built on core capabilities rooted in connectivity, data access, identity, and data stewardship, our suite of enterprise software solutions enables data to be safely, easily, and securely connected for activation, measurement, and analytics.


Security & privacy

We make it easy for the companies we work with to uphold industry standards of data privacy and security. Our privacy-first design and other data protection requirements give you the control to govern your data usage.

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Identity graph

Data is unusable if you can’t make sense of it. By creating your own or accessing our identity graph—the world’s largest and most accurate graph, reaching over 170 million people online—your data can be deterministically tied to an omnichannel identity, enabling you to reach the people who matter most to you.

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A Trusted Ecosystem

The end of third-party cookies creates an opportunity to build a new, better ecosystem. We aligned with our partners to build and share essential infrastructure to power this vision of a trusted ecosystem. Now you can leverage what we’ve built and commit to creating a better, open internet for all.

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Meet our Product Suites

Our platform encompasses several unique product suites that can help you achieve a true understanding of people across the enterprise, regardless of your team or role.


Leverage your first-party data in the digital ecosystems.

Identity Resolution

Transform consumer data into deterministic person-based IDs.

Data Network

Access unique, trusted data to enhance and extend customer knowledge.

Safe Haven

Leverage our neutral and secure environment for your data partnerships.

Analytics and Measurement

Accurately measure ROI and improve your bottom line.

Consent Management

Satisfy global regulation requirements.

Customer Profiles

Build people-based customer profiles.

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