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Fitbit Takes Strides Towards Reaching High-Value Addressable Audiences without Cookies

  • 1 min read

Leading health and fitness technology brand Fitbit wanted to be prepared for advertising without third-party cookies. Its media agency developed a media campaign leveraging LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure to reach target audiences instead of using cookies. When activating the campaign, Fitbit wanted assurance that it would still be able to reach its high-value audience while continuing to measure on the same business outcomes. 

To assess design and implementation of the new solution, Fitbit’s media agency suggested doing a test during its Father’s Day campaign. To compare reaching audiences on the largest pools of third-party cookies versus through the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, both solutions would use the same audience definition and keep other variables constant, save for the identifier type being targeted.

Through LiveRamp’s integration with Index Exchange, a leading server side platform (SSP), the media agency was able to reach Fitbit’s high-value audience with a deal ID. The results were clear: Fitbit’s campaign increased media efficiency and value by transacting on a people-based ID instead of buying on a legacy third-party cookie network—all through the LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure. 

Fitbit doubled its return on ad spend (ROAS) with LiveRamp’s solution and decreased its cost-per-page-view by 34%, in comparison to third-party cookie targeting. Check out the case study to read more and to get started on increasing your media efficiency reach out to [email protected].