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How 10 ViacomCBS is Revolutionising the Broadcast Industry for Digital Advertisers

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As data continues to transform customer experiences around the world, there is a growing appetite for privacy-enabled data connectivity as brands look to better understand their audiences and deliver more engaging, personalised, and holistic experiences safely and securely. 

10 ViacomCBS is a leader in the Australian market when it comes to innovating around consumer experience and how to build the best view of their audience. To realise this vision and the large opportunity that exists for advertisers who leverage robust data partnerships, 10 ViacomCBS knew that there would be no shortcuts. So, they sought a partner that could provide a trifecta of data connectivity, security, and privacy.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered an Australian-first broadcast partnership with 10 ViacomCBS that is set to pioneer data collaboration in the broadcast industry and revolutionise privacy-enabled data connectivity for digital advertisers across the country.

Under the partnership, 10 ViacomCBS will be the first content producer and provider in Australia to enable data connectivity by offering a platform for 10 ViacomCBS advertisers to connect first-party data in a way that prioritises privacy and utility using LiveRamp Safe Haven.

Revolutionising Privacy-Enabled Data Connectivity

10 ViacomCBS needed a solution that would meet the desire of advertisers looking to reach consumers, based on more informed data about their audiences. With Safe Haven, advertisers can make use of their own first-party data to identify if a specific audience is watching, for example, Australian Survivor or The Bachelor, and serve this audience with relevant, personalised ads across web, mobile and connected TV through 10 Play, 10 ViacomCBS’ broadcast video on-demand (BVOD) digital platform. 

Together, LiveRamp and 10 ViacomCBS will pioneer new ways to collaborate with advertisers while prioritising consumer transparency, as well as provide equal capability to large and small clients with varying levels of data readiness.

Collaborative data solutions are often restricted by the tools you use, and that typically is attached to incremental, unplanned costs. This partnership will break down these barriers to provide enterprises of all sizes access to best-in-class, privacy-preserving technologies.

The Benefits of the Safe Haven collaboration with 10 ViacomCBS

By embedding Safe Haven into 10 ViacomCBS’s existing premium tech and data stack will enable advertisers to:

  • Make use of their own first-party data to reach customers across web, mobile, and connected TV through 10 Play, ViacomCBS’ broadcast video-on-demand (BVOD) digital platform.
  • Execute safe, simple, and valuable data collaboration to gain insights that deepen their customer intelligence.
  • Understand how the investment is delivering a measurable result to the business.

Stay ahead of the curve

With the landscape rapidly evolving, we’re proud to be partnering with 10 ViacomCBS in this Australian-first broadcast partnership.

With Safe Haven, 10 ViacomCBS will help advertisers at all stages of their data transformation journey to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering more efficient experiences, broadening audience reach, and driving higher ROI.

Kick-start your data collaboration strategy today. Visit this page or email us here to get started.