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How People-Based Marketing is Unlocked with First-Party Data on carsales

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Personalised customer experiences have come to define how brands are perceived, and understanding customer data has never been more important. A challenge for many brands is having access to this consumer data to drive these personalised experiences.

The everyday consumer produces data at an exponential rate that spans a multitude of digital touchpoints leading to different platforms and channels – each holding various pieces of this customer puzzle. By bringing this data together, brands can achieve an omnichannel marketing approach with their customers and execute people-based targeting in order to provide a personalised customer experience.


What is people-based marketing?

People-based marketing is about using data to target people wherever they are regardless of what device they are using. When brands and agencies can target their known customers and segment those customers based on certain attributes, they can deliver personalised and relevant ads to reduce ad spend wastage and improve the customer experience. Brands have had the capability to target their known customers across Facebook targeting and Google search marketing for years, but by using LiveRamp, brands can expect the same capabilities across their favourite partner publishers.


How first-party data can amplify brand campaigns on carsales, a publisher destination within the LiveRamp Data Network, is now able to offer first-party people-based targeting capabilities across its site. With over 3.6 million users in Australia, carsales has the largest share in the automotive category of all content publishers and is Australia’s #1 destination for buying and selling automotive. By utilising as a destination, brands can leverage their most valuable user data in a secure way across a safe and highly engaged site. is a versatile destination as its value extends beyond the automotive industry and a wide variety of industries can benefit from pushing first-party data onto it, including insurance companies and financial institutions looking to reach new and current car owners as well as other brands looking for a new destination to extend their reach.


How first-party data can amplify brand campaigns on carsales

It is important to expose consumers to the right message, at the right time and in the right place. When brands use their first-party data to enrich advertising campaigns, they give their audience greater value through more relevant and timely content. Companies that put in the time and effort to monitor who they are targeting and what they target them with are able to strengthen this value exchange and build a stronger brand affinity and relationship with the consumer.

Brands can work with carsales to develop campaigns that resonate positively with their own user segments, improve results and maximise advertising dollars towards targeted audiences with the highest propensity to engage and convert.

Consumers prefer to engage with brands that offer value and align with their interests and utilising first-party data can help brands cut through the noise and take their campaigns to the next level.