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Innovative Ways to Use Data For Your Holiday Campaigns

  • 3 min read

It’s no surprise that the holidays are a challenging time to earn the attention of consumers. What may not be as obvious is that you can use data to help you cut through the clutter and win shoppers’ all-important holiday dollars. Even though Black Friday is just around the corner, it’s never too late to employ new data-driven strategies to reach your holiday marketing campaign goals during the holiday season. Here are a few ideas:

Property Data Use Case – Greater Data/CoreLogic

Property Data can help you target people moving home towards the end or beginning of the year. New year is a great time to be communicating with consumers about switching their energy/insurance providers, buying new furniture and white goods as well as reaching out to real estate agencies.

Greater Data & CoreLogic together provide “On the Move” segment covers a wide range of individuals who are positioned well to make a big change regarding their property. The segment identified an individual’s property life stage reaches its pinnacle when consumers undertake a significant change. Whether they are looking to upsize to a new home, are planning a renovation, or looking to move into a newly rezoned house and land package, this segment harnesses that opportunity by illustrating major events in that journey.”

Travel and Destinations Use Case – Eight Dragons Digital

The holidays are fast approaching, all those beautiful snowscapes, all those heavenly tropical white-sand beaches Australian customers are actively in search of their dream vacation destinations and the best deal for the festive season.  

Eight Dragons Digital has partnered with some of the world’s largest travel brands, such as Starwood, Marriot, Hilton, Tourism Australia, Destination NSW, Tourism Victoria as well as Ctrip in China.

They have travel segments cover multiple dimensions:

  • Consumers that have purchased a travel product (Flights, Tours, Hotels, Packages, Cruises etc)
  • Consumers that have viewed travel content and promotions both broadcast and online (ie 24rs in Malaysia, Visit Victoria etc)
  • Consumers that have entered into a travel competition and promotions
  • Consumers that have stated their interest in travel and destinations via surveys

With an active database of travel consumers who are engaged with the variety of online travel programs via Broadcast TV and online series and who regularly purchase travel online, Eight Dragons’s travel segments  can fuel your campaigns with in-market target travellers, who are constantly seeking services, offers and promotions.

Mobile Behavioral Data Use Case – StartApp

Mobile has changed search intent and how people shop. Mobile behavioral data is a powerful tool to leverage and get the most out of your marketing efforts. StartApp builds dynamic audiences using first-party data from over 450,000 mobile apps and 1.5 billion global mobile users. The multi-signal approach creates precise mobile behavioral audiences from a variety of incoming data from mobile devices.

As the holiday season and shopping have become synonymous, StartApp’s mobile behavioral data sets can help you target a wide variety of users globally, including Australia, with intent to shop. StartApp provides multiple shopping segments that fit your brand’s needs. Some segments include Shoppers for Holiday Presents, Fashion Shoppers, Online Shoppers and Shoppers for Kids & Babies. You can mix and match any existing segments to create as wide or as targeted of a segment as you need.

Transactional Data Use Case – Audience Elements

As a marketer, we all understand the importance of effective media spend is essential to the business. Audience Elements offers a wide range of transactional segments across multiple categories including automotive, food and beverage, healthcare, beauty care and home (just to name a few), these purchase-based segments have been carefully curated using real offline transactions.

With the festive season ahead, whether you are targeting the home entertainers catering for the family or launching a new soft drink brand, Audience Elements’ transactional segments can be a great help to precisely target consumers that are in the market and likely to purchase.

There are as many clever ways to make the most of data this holiday season and beyond. Do you have an idea, but aren’t sure if it’s feasible? We’re always happy to suggest customised holiday marketing campaign solutions tailored to your goals. All of these segments can be activated across Facebook or other platforms including the Google network. 

Contact your account team today or reach out to our data concierge to get started.