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LiveRamp Australia New Partnership Roundup: Factual, Greater Data, and Eight Dragons Digital

  • 3 min read

Our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data providers, and publishers to our people-based marketing family, but we’re also deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you a roundup of some of our newest partners and new features of our existing partners. Read on for the latest data now available in the IdentityLink Data Marketplace.



Factual’s Geopulse Audience solution allows advertisers to target campaigns with mobile-first audience segments, based on our proprietary data describing where consumers go in the real world. Currently, in the LiveRamp IdentityLink Global Data Marketplace, they have over 100 ready-to-use audience segments designed for Australia, in addition to 250+ global segments.  

Audience segment categories include:

  • Behavioral & Lifestyle: Target users based on their real-world behavioral patterns (e.g., frequent supermarket shoppers, luxury retail shoppers, business travelers, etc.).
  • Place Category Visitors: Target users based on the types of places, categories of businesses, and points of interest they visit (e.g., retail shoppers, QSR diners, moviegoers, etc.).
  • Brand Shoppers: Target users who frequently visit different popular chains in Australia across retail, QSR, automotive, dining, entertainment, travel and more. (e.g., Woolworths shoppers, Coles shoppers, Aldi shoppers, Big W shoppers, McDonald’s diners, Subway diners, etc)


Greater Data

Greater Data Universe contains rich insights on 15 million consumers, living in 8 million properties in Australia. It encompasses over 350 targeting and segmentation variables include demographics, life stage triggers,and property insight.

By combining CoreLogic’s market-leading property insight with Greater Data’s broad and rich insight into Australian consumers, they are able to provide an exceptionally rich view of consumers and businesses in Australia. One such example being our Property Life Stage Segmentation (PLSS) tool which attributes individuals based on where they fall on the property spectrum: from young adults still living at home all the way through to elderly couples enjoying their twilight years in a retirement village, and everywhere in between.

There is no more granular picture of Australian consumers and the relationship to their properties available on the market. Combining this powerful segmentation tool to your acquisition, retention and cross-sales strategy will provide you with current, data-driven decision support.


Eight Dragons Digital

Eight Dragons Digital is a market leading innovative data marketing and digital media company, offering direct consumer marketing solutions via its large, highly segmented and profiled consumer data universe across APAC. Eight Dragons has extensive experience in all facets of direct and online marketing campaign services as well as content creation including broadcast TV, online video and live streaming.

They have collected under consent over 150million consumer audiences across Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. Eight Dragons offers agencies and clients access to 100’s of data segments available in the data marketplace.  Consumer segments including; Property, Finance, Wealth, TV Preferences, Travel, Sports Preferences, Spending Habits, Movie Preferences, Hobbies, Work/Life Stage, Living Arrangement, Number of Children, Income, Geodemographics, Gambling, Fashion etc are collected directly from the consumers, as opposed to current providers who use generalised models based on assumptions targeted to geographical areas (i.e. post code). Our data segments offer direct insights into consumer interests and needs, thereby enhancing consumer engagement with brand campaigns. Through our continuous program of data collection, segmentation and enrichment, they are building more data segments in areas of Health, Wellness, Gaming, and FMCG.


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