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Pinterest and LiveRamp leverage data collaboration to improve campaign insights for CPG brands with sales lift measurement solution

  • Jules McGinlay
  • 3 min read

We are excited to announce that Pinterest and LiveRamp have extended the partnership to offer any CPG advertiser the ability to measure the impact of their ads, from keyword search, ad exposure and engagement on Pinterest, to instore purchase and incremental sales lift through retailers in the UK and France. 

One of the ongoing challenges CPG brands face is the ability to measure the impact of their digital advertising, as the majority of purchases are made in a retailer’s physical store. LiveRamp is a strategic partner to retail media networks around the world. Access to this premier global ecosystem, combined with LiveRamp’s comprehensive closed-loop measurement capabilities for sales lift, means Pinterest can now unite exposure data with third-party transactions from grocery retailers throughout the UK and France. This gives brand advertisers a deeper understanding of campaign performance by measuring the true impact on in-store sales, both directly and incrementally. 

Pinterest has been running tests with LiveRamp Sales Lift in the UK and France with some of the largest advertisers CPG in the markets. Those that have been part of the tests in both countries have already seen positive results. In the UK Carnation Condensed Milk saw +9% in incremental sales and in France Danette saw +17% in incremental sales as a result of campaigns on Pinterest. Additionally, advertisers in France that have measured their Pinterest campaigns with LiveRamp have seen an iROAS 85% above the LiveRamp benchmark and 3.5x more incremental sales driven on average.

Pierre-André Gautier, Head of Strategic Partnerships, LiveRamp commented; 

“Pinterest has long been established as the ‘go-to’ platform for fashion, food, home and any other creative projects their 445m users can think of. With this partnership extending to give CPG advertisers the type of sales metrics they need to prove campaign success. With more visibility into both advertising spend and the customer journey, CPGs can be even more confident that their ads will not only inspire creative action, but also deliver at the point of purchase.”

Antoine Le Notre, Director, Sales Measurement Solutions, Pinterest commented: 

“The partnership that Pinterest has built with LiveRamp in the UK and in France enables clients to gain access to a closed loop reporting, which is crucial for clients to figure out the true ROI of their advertising budget. Pinterest and LiveRamp offer a wide range of measurement solutions:

  • Sales lift studies are the most sophisticated end of the spectrum as they provide a read of the incremental sales and incremental ROAS
  • Conversion reports that are available at lower spend requirements and are based on attribution with a look back window that can be customised according to brands/products purchase cycle.
  • Conversion uploads that enable advertisers to match their conversion data into Pinterest Ads Manager while respecting Pinners privacy and complying to regulations

We are now working with LiveRamp to enable the same capabilities in other countries and we trust that providing these new capabilities to our  clients will help them to better assess the true performance of their investments and eventually grow their partnership with Pinterest.”

Laura Mitchell, Digital Marketing Manager, Dairy Brands, Nestlé UK commented: 

“In the ‘cost of living crisis’, Marketers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver the performance metrics that matter; brand experience and sales. But for CPG brands, linking digital advertising to in-store sales metrics was previously extremely difficult. This partnership now allows brands to reach and engage Pinterest’s constantly curious and experimental audience, whilst having a firm grip on campaign performance impact in-store using LiveRamp’s advanced retail media network measurement capability; a development all CPG brands welcome.”