Understand your customers. Do something about it.

  • Recognized User

    Build an omnichannel view of your customers

    Tie all of your marketing data back to real people, resolving identity across first-, second-, or third-party digital and offline data silos.

  • Identity Resolution

    Onboard people data everywhere

    Activate your people data anywhere you need it, resolving identity across technology platforms and devices.

  • Data Security

    Put privacy first

    The LiveRamp platform is fully privacy-compliant and operates within a secure environment.

IdentityLink: the key to identity resolution

  • Build an omnichannel view

    Upload your data to LiveRamp and resolve all of your first-, second-, third-party, exposure, and transaction data to real people.

  • Onboard data

    Resolve your people data to any of 500+ technology platforms that support targeting, personalization, and measurement.

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