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Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation—Why This Is Good News for Those Using ATS

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Last week, Google announced a new date for the deprecation of third-party cookies: 2023. Specifically, the phase out will take place over a three-month period from mid-2023 to later that year. Google also announced that they’ll combat fingerprinting more aggressively with changes to Chrome and make Privacy Sandbox technologies available to the industry in late 2022. Google’s news affirms its move away from third-party cookies and the industry trend away from unauthenticated user identity toward a world of people-based identity, while giving the industry some more time to prepare.

Brands get the best of both worlds

LiveRamp’s ecosystem integrations enable brands that activate on RampID to reach consumers on cookieable inventory and leverage our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to reach consumers across cookieless, mobile, and CTV channels. Brands using RampID stand to gain the most from today’s news, with people-based identity delivering stronger campaign results than cookies alone, as FitbitDanone, and other global brands can attest. Our solutions are designed to maximise the benefits of both worlds as brands transition throughout this period. As publishers develop stronger, direct first-party relationships with consumers that are based on a clear and trusted value exchange, advertisers benefit from the increased cookieless scale.

“Even before the phasing out of third-party cookies, we have been leveraging alternative identifiers to deliver more relevant marketing and improve marketing outcomes, especially in online video campaigns as consumers increase time spent with video,” said Manuel Cimarosti, Director of Media Analytics & Data Strategy at Danone, in our press release on the global adoption of ATS. “In the first test alone, ATS delivered a 4% increase in video completion rate on top of 40% more efficient cost metrics when compared to the cookie. These results are invaluable as we continue growing our first-party relationship with consumers across more touchpoints, and reinvest the savings to increase our reach.”

To learn more about today’s news and what brands and publishers should do today, watch this video:

We’ve long prepared for the cookieless future

For more than four years, LiveRamp and its partners have collaborated on a better way for advertisers to connect with and personalise the consumer journey across the open web, mobile, CTV, and other channels. The results of our continued collaboration with advertisers and publishers speak for themselves. A recent independent study we commissioned with Forrester Consulting revealed that ATS drives more than 340% return on investment for marketers.

“TV viewers are now well-integrated into streaming environments, which are fragmented across a wide variety of device platforms for advertisers. This makes the marketer’s challenge of reaching and measuring a target audience multi-dimensional, and having a people-based identifier is important to ensuring that advertising campaigns are relevant across channels and devices,” commented Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer at Tubi. “LiveRamp helps enable authenticated, first-party relationships with our viewers so we can continue to deliver impactful experiences at scale.”

Microsoft Advertising, the world’s second-largest publisher, has seen a larger than 40% increase in CPMs on authenticated impressions in initial tests, delivering on its promise to increase publisher yields.

Paul Bannister, CSO of CafeMedia, added, “Together with LiveRamp, we are putting power back in the hands of publishers. We’re enabling our thousands of media brands to grow revenue by activating first-party data in a safe and privacy-centric manner without having to worry about data leakage, particularly because of LiveRamp’s robust publisher data control technology. We’re already seeing authenticated audiences generate much higher yields than when using third-party cookies.”

Get started with ATS today

The cookieless, deviceless, and IP address-less future has already arrived. Regardless of regulatory, browser, or device changes that may arrive in the future, now is the time to accelerate moving to people-based addressability and firmly take control of your destiny. You can benefit from the scale of third-party cookies while they exist, and also reach consumers in already-cookieless environments, all while maximising your media buys. To learn more about what ATS can do for you, download our Forrester-commissioned Total Economic ImpactTM report, or reach out to [email protected].