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LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution Reaches 7M Monthly Authentications in Australia, Propelling People-Based Marketing for Brands and Publishers

  • 2 min read

LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) has reached a new milestone as the privacy-first, people-based solution of choice among Australian publishers and brands, successfully scaling a new trusted ecosystem. Now, an average of nearly 7 million authentications are available monthly for people-based activation through ATS. The number of publishers adopting and implementing ATS continues to grow, providing brands with access to an ever-increasing pool of consumers that are authenticated and addressable.

These millions of monthly authentications represent a richer targetable catalogue on which impressions have been enhanced with LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID. Amidst industry headwinds, such as privacy regulations, third-party cookie deprecation and the restricted use of IDFAs and IP addresses, brands can activate, reach and measure their people-based audiences with precision and security today.

Further, this represents a vastly improved ability for advertisers to accurately engage with their audiences across the open internet without relying on third-party cookies or device IDs. It’s a new, accessible channel of authenticated audiences within high-quality publisher inventory. 

Excitingly, these numbers show that a new era of digital advertising is being ushered into the Australian landscape. They demonstrate the scale at which ATS-enabled publishers are helping advertisers deliver secure and efficient people-based marketing across an omnichannel environment, leveraging an ecosystem built on authentications to shape consumer experiences.

The journey to this milestone has been marked by strong, consistent growth. We’re proud to say that ATS has attracted Australia’s biggest publishers, including three of the four major Australian Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD) platforms, as well as the top five media outlets and more than half of the top 50 publishers in the country.

In the six months to 31 August 2021 alone, we saw a 50% increase in monthly authentications and addressable reach across our publisher network.

ATS has proven invaluable to Domain and our advertising partners, providing an easy and privacy-friendly way to access our premium authenticated audiences and ensuring that our users benefit from highly relevant ads,” said Daniel Stamatov, ad tech manager, platform and product at Domain Media. 

The growing number of publishers integrating with ATS and driving value-based, first-party authentications means that brands – including the likes of Optus – are better able to target on a person-based level at scale and accurately attribute the effectiveness of their media investments.

To-date, all major demand-side platforms (DSPs) including Amobee, MediaMath and The Trade Desk, and supply-side platforms (SSPs) such as Index Exchange, Magnite and PubMatic, are partnering with LiveRamp to make this new trusted, addressable ecosystem available.

As we look to the future of omnichannel digital marketing, it is clear that a precise, privacy-first and highly measurable people-based approach to customer experience is at the forefront of effective campaigns in Australia and globally. In an increasingly digital world, the number of Australian publishers utilising LiveRamp’s authenticated identity infrastructure continues to grow as brands demand more to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns and drive consumer engagement.