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How to use first- and third-party data on Facebook

  • 2 min read

You would have probably noticed that Facebook has been making some changes. It has updated its policies around how you’re able to use your first- and third-party data in its environment.

These changes might have you feeling nervous and wonder, how will this impact my work? How can I make sure my data qualifies? Facebook is a powerful channel. In Australia, Facebook is still the social media platform champion for consumers, with about 15 million monthly active users. Social media users in Australia are some of the most active in the world with 50 per cent of the country’s population logging into Facebook at least once a day.

Facebook is an important marketing tool for businesses today and its use of people-based marketing is crucial to its—and your—success. Much like Facebook, we believe in the importance of people-based marketing, and we are committed to staying ahead of data privacy trends.

That’s why we’re excited to announce updates to our standard Facebook Integration. This new integration allows marketers to:

1. Continue using their first-party data on Facebook

2. Source trusted and privacy-vetted third-party data from the IdentityLink Data Marketplace to use in their people-based marketing campaigns on Facebook

Putting Privacy First

When Facebook first announced its changes, we immediately began working on a solution that would enable all marketers to continue to do people-based marketing on Facebook in a manner comparable to what they’re doing across the open web.

For marketers who were using Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Partner Categories, LiveRamp’s Facebook Integration allows you to continue to use first-party data and high-quality third-party data to reach your most valuable audiences on Facebook.

The IdentityLink Data Marketplace’s unique integration with Facebook Custom Audiences enables self-serve usage of trusted third-party data for targeting from over 40 offline data providers.

We’ve also updated our integration to comply with Facebook’s changes to Custom Audience targeting. With this, LiveRamp will ensure all data is compliant with Facebook’s requirements around Custom Audiences, including specifying data origin.

While the specifics might be new, the practice is not for us. We’ve worked hard to build privacy-conscious practices into all our products. By working with LiveRamp, marketers can ensure that they are keeping people at the centre of what they do, both from a privacy and a marketing perspective.

LiveRamp, Facebook, and You

So while there’s a lot happening in our industry, LiveRamp customers have nothing to fear. Our commitment to privacy-conscious policies has served us well to lead the way in protecting your data and your customers’ data.

To learn more about using your first-and third-party data on Facebook, take a look at this on-demand webcast or read this one-page guide for more information.