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Improve measurement of digital marketing’s impact on brand, conversion and sales with people-based measurement. Identity resolution gives you the cross-channel visibility you need to complete the picture when mapping the customer journey.

Online/Offline Sales Measurement

Measure the sales impact of digital marketing

  • The problem

    Customer journeys span online and offline channels, but most still end in a physical environment. To maximise revenue, you need to know how your digital campaigns impacted all sales. Connecting the dots, devices, and data is extremely difficult.    

  • The solution

    A people-based approach to measurement closes the loop in understanding what works in driving purchases, offline and online. LiveRamp resolves first- and third-party purchase data back to individual consumers in a privacy-sensitive manner. From here you can measure activity and outcomes, determine the influence of digital marketing, and optimise your marketing channels.

  • Online to Offline

    Get the full picture

    Connect digital efforts to purchases to accurately measure ROI and ad effectiveness.

  • Native Ads

    See what's working

    Shine a spotlight on the messages and offers that drive the highest sales conversion rates.

  • Audience

    Know your customers

    Understand every customer journey for every individual in a privacy-compliant manner.

Test and Learn

Understand digital creative, campaign, and channel influences on brand preference and incremental sales.

  • The problem

    Different customers behave differently across multiple touchpoints, so how do you determine which messages and media channels drive the greatest incremental lift?  

  • The solution

    To understand and quantify return on ad spend, you need to establish clear cause and effect from your marketing efforts. LiveRamp powers clean matched control groups to test and measure exposure outcomes with increased accuracy and confidence.

  • Data Monetization

    Budget better

    Maximise ROI and ad spend efficiency by funnelling resources to your most powerful digital marketing channels.

  • Publisher Data

    Understand audiences

    Differentiate your consumer segments – new customers, loyalists or lapsed – to improve messaging, media and results.

  • Arrow

    Act smarter

    A continuous test-and-learn cycle drives smarter, faster optimisation, layering in more insight about more audiences over time.

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