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LiveRamp IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace Runs Live in Asia Pacific – First in Australia and Japan

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Today, LiveRamp launches IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace in Asia Pacific. Australia and Japan are the first two markets to go live with the new feature, fuelling the company’s regional expansion strategy.

The IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace is a newly-launched feature on the IdentityLink™ platform and is the gateway to any data you need with just one contract. It is a neutral data marketplace enabling the ethical use of information for both data sellers and buyers in a privacy-conscious environment.

Data sellers can now easily manage and monetise their data across more than 100+ platforms globally whilst still maintaining control of how their data is being used. On the other hand, data buyers can access over more than 20 in-region and 180 leading data providers globally.

According to IDC forecasts, by 2025, the global data sphere will grow to over 10 times the amount of information generated in 2016. This exponential growth of data is driving serious data and market fragmentation. Most marketers continue to struggle with cross-device identity and understanding how they can meaningfully and accurately map a consumer back to a specific touchpoint.

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace is a feature to help marketers overcome their challenges of unlocking and connecting data silos through one single platform.

The data providers offer a wide range of ethically-sourced and privacy-conscious transactional data as well as in-market, behavioural, geolocation and demographic information. LiveRamp works with data partners such as Roy Morgan, Experian, Factual, Greater Data and Eight Dragons Digital to enable businesses to find the exact data needed to engage with the right individual.

Marketers will be able to access more than 3,500 digital audience segments across a large range of industry verticals such as financials services, retail and automotive, broadening their target audience horizon.

Here are three key benefits of the IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace:

  • Strong data governance: LiveRamp maintains a strict policy around data privacy to ensure any information being used is sourced ethically. All our data partners are thoroughly vetted and must be privacy-conscious before becoming a certified partner.
  • Data customisation in a single contract: Traditionally, data buyers need to sign multiple contracts with every data seller they engage with. Now, organisations can seamlessly navigate through the Data Marketplace and access over 180 data providers globally all within a single contract. This allows for a more efficient way to source for data whilst offering a customised experience.
  • Data monetisation in more places: The extensive network of platform integrations in the Data Marketplace will allow data sellers to begin monetising their data easily and in more places. Marketers can easily activate people-based data across the digital ecosystem and find the exact data they need to drive impactful advertising campaigns.

The IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace is available starting today at no cost. Charges are only applied if marketers use the data – the cost is set by the data provider and made transparent on the platform. You can find the full details here.

For more information about IdentityLink™ Data Marketplace in Australia, check out Data Marketplace buyers two-pager or contact our data concierge team.