LiveRamp Safe Haven

Successful data partnerships are strategic collaborations to enhance campaigns built on trust. LiveRamp’s Safe Haven solution offers a neutral and secure environment based on a framework of data governance for privacy-first data collaboration that drive business outcomes.


Data governance is critical in data partnerships

LiveRamp Safe Haven’s partnership environment leverages IdentityLink, our consistent and pseudonymised identifier, to match partner data. This environment creates a secure and privacy-centric workspace, giving data owners full control of their most valuable data assets. Data owners can control which type of data is provisioned, the type of use cases, and the length of time.


Built to serve your entire team

LiveRamp’s Safe Haven solution has capabilities that serve the needs across your organisation. From technical to business teams, our solution provides tools that enable teams at any level to work effectively and securely with data, surfacing the valuable insights needed to achieve your data-driven goals.



Harness the power of your partner ecosystem

There’s untapped opportunity with your first-party data, but it can be challenging to extract value in a privacy-focused and secure manner. LiveRamp’s Safe Haven solution is an innovative way to develop a new revenue stream. Leverage a neutral environment with granular controls to provide appropriate levels of access to your data and create new value for your partners. 

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